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Jun 09, 2004



IBM is taking a crack at gaming with their BIG Technology. What I believe this technology does is allow for in-game, cash transactions. For example, if I want to sell some sort of weapon in DAoC, I can sell it directly to another player in the game, and I receive real money for it based on that players account and my account. IBMs technology handles the real life monetary transactions. From what I understand, IBM is trying to work with MMOs to integrate their technology into the game, hence eliminating the need for gamers to go to eBay to post items for sale, etc. I haven't been following this closely yet, but I wonder if SWG is working with IBM to test and possibly integrate this technology into the game.


Been meaning to mention it but SOE recently polled EQ users about Sony possibly providing transaction facilitation between players. Check out Caster's Realm for a bit of info (http://eq.crgaming.com/ -- June 3 entry). Make of it what you will.

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