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Apr 02, 2004



I was really, really pissed when I heard about this. I was even more pissed when I found out it was a joke! I've calmed down now, but, I still don't see how it was at all funny. Maybe they got a laugh out of it while they were doing it...but, it's not funny to lie to your friends. April Fools jokes are *not* supposed to last that long and hurt that many people.

I sure hope *someone* found it funny...


I thought it was funny, but maybe that's because it was so obviously a joke. But it hit all the right buttons as far as arousing the rancor of a certain section of the community, the result being that instead of looking closely at the prank and seeing it for what it was, those people were happier getting embroiled in the drama and getting angry over nothing. But, of course, that's why it was so masterful a stroke.

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