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Mar 26, 2004



I've been keeping up with Play Money for some time now. Quite interesting, although it has been depressing to observe the transition from witty and insightful commentary on VW's and general human nature to PLZ BUY FROM ME WTFOMG. I think we can probably cut him some slack though based on the merits of earlier work and his pretty harsh deadline coming up.

After all, it's just business. Wait, that's what's depressing. The archives reveal that Julian rather enjoyed the game at one point.

Bring back radny! He was a great foil for the more mature and intellectual tone of the blog.

As far as the article goes, I found the comments from UO's director of marketing to be the most interesting, acknowledging that sales may be good for the game. I didn't know any of the big companies actually admitted they knew that.


Greetings from the Julesberg, Colorado, Flying J!

And fair enough, Staarkhand, though I would note that part of the reason I stopped doing as much commentary on VW's in general is that Terra Nova became a better place to do it.

And then, yeah, along came that damn deadline.

Well, back to the grind, my ICQ is ringing...



And here I thought Julian was already famous. Maybe now he's...infamous?

Julian, I think now is the time to approach some truckers at the Flying J, enlighten them about your status as a famous person, and then sell them some virtual goods f2f. Think of the possibilities.


BB> And here I thought Julian was already famous.

Yeah, I think that's right, but Julian said over at PM, and I quote. "Meanwhile, I am famous." I took that to suggest that he felt un-famous previously but famous now, and I didn't want to ruin the moment for him by pointing out that nothing had happened.


Julian, time-averaged I've enjoyed the blog enough that I actually found myself wondering how I could support PlayMoney despite the fact that I quit UO about the time The Second Age released. But just giving you money would so cheapen your noble efforts that I know you'd never accept.

The picture of you writing from a Flying J next to a truck driver is so rich a depiction of internet usage. On one stool, the working man engages in navigation, often reskinned but fundamentally well known since before recorded history. On the other sits Julian, discussing the ethics of sales of online game items, an abstraction of an abtraction of an abstraction for the general populace even in the ivory tower in which most of us live. That is art.


I think it is Julian's wit and charm we have to watch out for. I too was hooked by his blog, after it was pointed out to me that he posted a picture I probably should never have taken or let anyone see for that matter. Oh well.

To this day I give him better than average deals. Now, I ask my self, is it because I feel for his cause? Pity maybe? Or do I just enjoy his sweet naivety. He is learning though. I do enjoy and relate to his plight! Fight the good fight! Sell that gold and buy more from me! Er…after August anyway.


From Richfield, Utah, further thoughts on Staarkhand's comments.


Glad to hear you're enjoying your game, and I won't fault you just because it's not what the developers had in mind.

Perhaps what I truly saw in those "depressing" waters was a reflection of my own loss of the simple joy of gaming. Having adopted a more cerebral outlook to games I find myself nostalgic for the childlike pleasures experienced by the more inexperienced and credulous user.

I may be having a mid-virtual-life crisis. Maybe I should talk to JEBay the Hutt.


The whole saga has caught my interest for many months now and it's interesting and dramatic finale is more rewarding that I had anticipated. Bravo Julian.

It reminds me of an old vow I took to myself to not allow this consuming addiction of gaming to cross over from hobby to job. But I'm always dancing a fine line with it. My retirement from a "normal" life is when I plan to really take the plunge. But can I wait that long ?


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