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Mar 01, 2004



'Been keeping an eye on him... Oldfield is one of my favorite musicians.
When he released a single-player thing based on the same engine with his previous album I thought it was pretty neat -and weird-... This is pretty weird too. Somehow I'm inclined to believe the technology he would like to have available for this project just isn't there even today or next year. I guess we'll see where a VW without real budgetary constraints or profit goals goes...


This does look fascinating...but it does look like it contains some form of fee to play. In order for something like this to really take off, I'd guess it'd have to be free and well hyped. I'm sure I'll download the demo and keep an eye on where this goes, but I'm guessing it doesn't go much of anywhere unless it becomes a feebee and gets some press to gain a user-base.


The first one wasn't free, I played the demo which was entertaining for a while. The feeling I got while playing it was a mix between what I felt while playing Myst -a puzzling and very pretty landscape- and the original Magic Carpet -freedom of movement-

I guess I need to see the finished multiplayer version of this... The single-player demos left me with the feeling that Mr. Oldfield was mixing two things that don't mix in my head. Namely, puzzle challenges and relaxation. When presented with something that is an obvious puzzle, even if it's figuring out what the puzzle is, I can't relax! When relaxing, my left brain powers off and the last thing I want to do is solve a puzzle!! Paint? Sure. Write? Sure. Play music? Sure. Abstract Logic? Sorry, that part of the brian is off right now.

It would be better if it was an immense landscape (truly huge), where you could just travel by pressing the "go" button and direct the travel with tilts of the mouse, and enjoy the ride. He did capture some of that, but the landscape is really small, the features are too simple, and the puzzle elements get in the way; for example when suddenly a horse appears in the distance, instead of it being a beautiful equine, my mind sees a puzzle piece, a challenge, my curiosity peaks on what the puzzle is and -blam- there goes the relaxing moment I was having.


20Meg download over my modem (that diddnt work the first time) - ouch that hurt!
I'll load it up and let y'all know what its like.
Ah just what i need: _another_ MMO in my life :)


All hands to the pumps, we've been /.'d (again):
Mike Oldfield's Online Game Makes Like A Maestro.

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