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Mar 30, 2004



From Slashdot:

Spread The Love (And Pay Us)

Posted by timothy on Tuesday March 30, @10:30AM
from the brilliantly-insipid dept.
Digitus1337 writes "Wired has an article up about a new online service known as 'FunHi.' You sign up and join a community, and give your fellows gifts, but as Wired has reported, 'these are not ordinary gifts. They're purely digital: little flashing icons of cars, planes, diamond rings and other virtual representations of expensive items included in messages members send each other. And FunHi members don't seem to care that the real money they're spending on the gifts, at prices as high as $30 an item, is going straight into the company's coffers." This leaves just one question unanswered... why didn't I think of this?" It sounds like an April Fool's Joke, but then, so does online trading of Everquest loot.


anyone got a funhi invite?


FunHi is kind of like a place you go. Myspace and Friendster are more like being out on the street. I guess if you are looking for a FunHi invite and you're a member of either of the other sites it's like waiting out on the curb.

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