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Mar 16, 2004



I think I aspire to ninja elfhood, but I keep getting drawn into dwarven pirating.


I've been known to oscillate along the pirate/ninja axis, but I'm always firmly dwarf.

The only excusable time for Elvish thought without action - is during sleep.


Not sure I can see myself on the pirate / ninja axis or the elf / dwarf. I wonder if dead centre could be Human Henchman #3 (somewhere to the rear left of the frame half hidden by a non-descript pot plant).


Where's Red Shirt?


Perhaps this rubric can help us understand the management of game development.
I suggest that each team-member fits a different quadrant. How's this:

Artists: pirate, elf (noisy, but abstract)
Designers: ninja, elf (quiet if waggish, brooding)
Producers: pirate, dwarf (expressive, pragmatic)
Programmers: ninja, dwarf (quiet, structurists)

(Hard to lump all the artists. In my experience, the 2D artists trend pirate while the 3D artists tend towards ninja.
Similarly, server & systems programmers run more pirate/dwarf, while graphics gurus tend to ninja/elf.)

I don't feel I've got this pegged. What's the right answer, then?


I'm SO glad this didn't come out before my player types system, or I'd have got nowhere!

I'm whatever category is most likely to point out that the plural of "dwarf" is "dwarfs".



And I'm in the category that would point out that it's only "dwarfs" in refrence to RL people with dwarfism... in fantasy (ie Tolkein) literature it's "dwarves"


Note that Snow White's little chums were "dwarfs."

Wikipedia on this pressing issue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwarf.

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