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Feb 24, 2004



Thanks, Ted!

The bit about Ignatius was actually from Marie-Laure Ryan, Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media (2001). Interestingly, Ryan doesn't seem too keen on VWs as immersive narratives. I take it that she thinks the degree of player authorship and the need for constant player intervention breaks the authorial power required for immersion.

I think the weird thing about the Martin decision was that the Supreme Court found the "essential" rules of golf not to be the essential rules the PGA (as a private entity) claimed, but the essential rules according to a broader societal understanding of golf. Scalia's dissent seems baffled by that idea -- because why can't the PGA just claim it is playing a different version of golf where walking between holes is important? I'm not sure what to take away for EULAs -- but you could draw some interesting analogies...

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