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Dec 29, 2003



As flash games go, it's ok. The games that Blue's News links to almost every day are generally better, although the artwork in the Dean game is first rate. Sadly, the mini-games don't really get harder as the game goes on, so once you've played the three of them once, you've sort of seen it all. The little info tidbits about the Iowa Caucus was interesting.

As for Senator Lieberman, he's my buddy. The National Institute on Media and the Family singled out RR64 in 1999 as an example of how the ESRB isn't tough enough and gives out too many Teen ratings. From their site:

Road Rash 64

Description: A racing game where the objective is to punch and kick other drivers and pedestrians off the road.

Summary: Due to excessive amounts of violence, illegal/harmful behavior which may cause fear, and some offensive language this game is not recommended for children of any age.

No mention of the fact that there is no blood, injury or death in RR64 (your rider always gets back up and rides away, unless your bike is broken) and that we had a big pro-helmet law statement as the first page of our manual.

Oh well, wait 'till someone notices that female avatars can take their shirts off in SL.


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