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Nov 07, 2003



In a previous thread about Dave Rickey contributing to the blog, Richard wrote, "Yet now they appoint [Dave Rickey] as a blogger! An actual, bona-fide, hugely-respected designer! Someone who has already learned the lessons of the past and who speaks authoratively from within the field itself."

Looks like the trend continues. ;) As I said before, "There goes the neighborhood." Now I'm gonna have to read for real content instead of just laughing at the silly academics! ;)

Looking forward to your thoughts, Richard.


Jeez, it's like this place is trying to be mud-dev or something...


Considering the amount of activity over at mud-dev, it's succeeding, too. =)


Raph>Jeez, it's like this place is trying to be mud-dev or something...

It's more a MUD-EDU, except that educational MUDs don't feature.



Ted>But as it happens, he's also the source of the explorer-achiever-socializer-killer taxonomy of MUD players, and has written the new and authoritative textbook on Designing Virtual Worlds.

Those who read the book will note that it's now the scientist-hacker-opportunist-planner-networker-friend-griefer-politician taxonomy. Not quite as snappy, though.



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