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Nov 15, 2003



T.L. Taylor wrote, "I wonder, does anyone actually game alone?"

I don't think so. It's been said a number of times that games are a primarily social concept. People made a great deal about the fact that the "solo" play found in computer games was a step back from the usually social play in other games. Solitaire games were always something you did to pass the time until you could find a group to play a "real" game.

Looking at my own life, however, gaming has always been a social activity. I was/am the typical introverted geek that doesn't go out of his way to socialize. Maybe I sat by myself while actually playing the game, but gaming also gave me the opportunity to interact with other people when I might not have otherwise. I traded Atari 2600 cartridges with my friends in the neighborhood. I chatted with my best friend about the latest RPG I was tackling. I even put in half the cost with a friend to buy a "guide" for an RPG on the Nintendo.

Even now I spend a lot of time discussing games with my peers. I chat with other developers about game ideas and observations. The transition to developer didn't harm the social aspects of gaming for me, I guess. :)

In short, I think the stereotype of the computer gamer as some lonely geek sitting in a basement bathed in the glow of the monitor was outdated from the time it was created. I think that computer gaming has always been a social activity, even if the socialization happens at a meta level instead of while playing the game.

My thoughts and observations,


I observed this, too, when my family and I were in Reno several years back. We were all playing slot machines, when at one point, my brother and I broke off to play some blackjack.

Both being MMOG and tabletop gamers, suddenly we were at home.

Ultimately, the difference between a slot machine and a blackjack dealer is the slot machine is an automated generator of random numbers, while the dealer is a human generator of random numbers. Not much difference in terms of gameplay, but night-and-day when regarding the environment.



I was thinking that you and your family playing slot machines was more akin to PvE -- the social aspect being that you were playing the game(s) together. While maybe Black Jack, Poker, etc. is more akin to PvP.

I don't think it matters that you're playing against a human -- just that you're playing *with* other humans. Either way it's still a social experience.



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