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Nov 04, 2003



I meant to mention the radio stations on TSO because they are an interesting source of in game commentary and there are more than I can count. At some point I'll try to link all of them up to the Alphaville Herald site -- at least the ones that "broadcast from" Alphaville. Sitting Duck is of course the station that broadcast from our Halloween party, but other important stations include Fueled Radio and the Sims Shadow Government (SSG) station (both with links on the Herald site). I've seen links to lots of others but haven't listened to them, except for a sims goth station (yes, there is such a thing). I haven't heard a lot of political or social commentary, but the broadcasts from parties and contests are a nice way of evesdropping on what is happening. Expect to hear a lot of really bad music and some really good music.


TV? Try the show Probe on G4. Most of it is set in various virtual worlds -- Everquest, Asheron's call, Dark age of Camelot, Second life, and the Sims, possibly more. I particularly enjoyed the Beasts' quest for the Flute... watch out for the Unlovable one!


I listen to internet radio now about as often as I listen to CDs. Usually while playing an on-line game, and from a broadcaster who plays that game.

I only know of one internet radio station that offers commentary (and in-game contests and prizes), namely:


Here is a partial list of TSO in-game radio stations (some stations broadcast from other games as well):

Fueled Radio: http://www.fueledradio.com/

Sitting Duck Radio: http://www.sittingduckradio.com/theduck.htm

SSG Shadow Radio: http://www.simshadow.com/

KCRK Creek Radio: http://www.creekradio.org/

WSIM Radio: http://www.wsimradio.com/main.php?t=radio

Did I mention that the DJs have LOTS of groupies? They get WAY more than their fair share of cybering.


In the Nexon's new MMORPG, Mabinogi, a camera girl charater(played by GM) capers in the city of Dunbarton and photographs superb plays of the in-game avatars.

Then the scene is simultaneously being shown at the hompage of Mabinogi that unlogged subsribers could see the animation of the players logged in.

The chief developer said to me, "For now, there is no plan to let the gamers to play the camera girl avatar."

I asked him the reason, he told me "Because of the matters of overload of the data communcation(Technology problem) and the matters of release of unwanted scene(contol problem).

Unggi Yoon


Having listened to Gridstream Radio for about 2 years, I think it truly adds to the Anarchy Online experience. Plus, if you're at work and can't log in the game, it's great to be able to tune in .

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