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Nov 21, 2003



Last year, exactly same lawsuit had been sued in Korea. In that case, the gamer lost.

According to Korean civil procedure act, the cases which plaintiff's demand amount is under 20,000,000 won are categorized as petty case.

In petty case, the judge can't ommit the reaon from the judgement. the above case was a petty case, so regrettably we don't know why the company win or gamer lose...

Under Civil law system in Korea & China,
without Assembly's passing new law which acknowldege the concept of "virtual property",
I suppose the possibility of the gamer's winning the case is relatively low.


Sorry, there's a typing error.

In petty case, the judge 'can' ommit the reaon from the judgement.


Does anyone know how this lawsuit turned out?


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