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Nov 04, 2003



I'm kinda surprised they're not going for the EQ Widow slant. Plain video game addiction is so ... 90's :)


Next up: addition to blogs *about* online gaming...


I'm going to have to face it, I'm addicted to love.


im doing video game addiction for my senior project and i was wondering if you guys had any ideas... email me ...
it was a miracle i found this site and i wont be able to find it again :P!

i play EQ tho.


John, check Nick Yee's web site, specifically the Ariadna site. Also read David Greenfield's book.


I have lost my job, quit college, and almost divorced my husband over lineage 2. I started playing the game with my husband. I start to play so much that i stopped going to school and work. I shut my whole family out and even my husband. I never did anything but play lineage. I even had an online boyfriend in lineage who lived 3000 miles away and i thought that i would leave my husband for him. But in the end it was all just fantasy. I need to get my life back, and say goodbye to my fantasy life.


Leilynn, post your story at


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