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Oct 27, 2003



"Automatice Hardware Checker Download" technology remains in its infancy. I can't get the dooger to download using Opera, Mozilla, Firebird, or IE.


I just read the member agreement, and it seems they don't limit the sale of There goods for real cash. From the agreement:

"It is against There policy for members to sell member accounts to another member for purposes of making a profit. This includes specially priced Beta accounts.
There Inc. can and will take action (which may include suspension or termination) on any accounts found to be violating this policy."

I think I read someplace that the company would be selling Therebucks at a fixed rate, but do we expect an external market to emerge in light of the seemingly restriction-free agreement?


Hi Jamie,

There are a few sites that are buying and trading Therebucks<>US$ already.


Also, the sale of accounts is not prohibited, except in the case that someone was doing this explicitly for the purpose of making "making a profit". A small number of members have sold their account through paypal when they left There.

There are also a few member-designers that have sold clothes and other items for cash instead of using Therebucks. There was also a Pawnshop where anyone could sell their stuff for US$ set-up at one time.


Bruce: define "making a profit."



Hi Jeff,

Great question;

So I can't give you an official response, but on a personal level, I think that There is taking a pretty liberal stance on many of these issues. They pretty much already allow a number of activities that are forbidden on other sites.

As far as selling for a profit, as the TOS is currently worded, the restriction only applies to member accounts and not to the currency nor the in-world goods/services, nor almost anything else related to the world of There.

But on the topic of accounts, its possible that There could take a similarly liberal view on this as well. My guess is that we will see a few issues with accounts being power leveled up then sold off at a small premium, or names being camped and later sold-off.

In my personal definition, if this was done as a side-hobby its a much different issue than if someone decided to make a business out of it. While There will have a ton of businesses, I just don't think we want them in regards to camping names and such.

Also, on the side of caution, the TOS is a living document and can quickly be changed if the current policy created unforeseen consequences, but overall I think the track record is very liberal towards what we hope members will do with the product.


Bruce: "... the TOS is a living document and can quickly be changed if the current policy created unforeseen consequences ..."

Ah, not unlike another document: the Constitution. To the extent that the two clash, though ...


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