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Oct 28, 2003



Cool to have you here Dave - welcome :)



After the Schooner thread I had reconciled myself with the fact that this is a blog for people looking at the present and the future without recourse to any baggage from the past; it's for people looking at virtual worlds objectively from the outside without reference to the necessarily subjective opinions of people on the inside (they even call them "synthetic worlds", for heaven's sake).

Yet now they appoint you as a blogger! An actual, bona-fide, hugely-respected designer! Someone who has already learned the lessons of the past and who speaks authoratively from within the field itself.

What gives?



Richard wrote, "What gives?"

As they say, "There goes the neighborhood." ;)

*grins at Dave*


Did I ever mention I don't take praise well? I love to hear it as much the next ego-maniac, but I never quite expect it.

Anyway, my thanks both to you guys, and to the others here for inviting me to participate.



Can I just say that I've been the holdout all along.

I said that adding Nick Yee was going to ruin our hitherto unbroken run of irrelevance.

I said that if we added TL we'd lose all those people who tuned in each week to watch us thrash about in a stew of our creation.

And I warned them that if we added Dave then all was lost. Serious people would take us seriously.

But did they listen?

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