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Oct 03, 2003



Was looking for a reference to current VW numbers and so took a look at the latest version of Bruce Sterling Woodcock's standard reference, http://pw1.netcom.com/~sirbruce/Subscriptions.html

Take a look at SWG's growth curve. Looks exactly like the cliff that Jool's UO business fell off...


One thing to consider about this - in SWG there is an ENORMOUS curve for getting into the housing market. For a guild to even exist it needs to buy a Player Association Hall, which can range in cost from as little as 250k to 500k or more.

Well, after you and your buddies have bought your guild hall, and perhaps a house or two, what else is left for you to spend money on? Not a whole lot. THAT is the problem. Buildings, clothes and furniture have no decay on them, and worse yet, there is no actually NEED to own these things, outside of vanity. The only real remaining thing to spend money on are weapons, armor and healing medications at this point.

Buy a droid? It's generally good for a LOONNNGG time. Ditto on buying creatures (given out by the Creature Handler class).

Duping isn't nearly as bad a problem as an inherent design flaw that doesn't take enough money out of the economy.


I agree. Since I first earned my million there is nothing to spend it on. There are alot of people earning 1 mill+/day. Practicly the only thing they can do with the money is 1) stockpile and 2) ebay!. The only thing im doing right now is to go to theme parks. And do like 1 hour of work. There isnt much left to spend time on. Exept maby grind jedi and sit in a cantina all day.

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