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Oct 27, 2003



"Earth Fires Destabilize Virtual Governments"


Leviathan sleeps tonight



Would you propose redundant customer service departments just in case there may be a weather emergency or natural disaster in one part of the world?

Data storage is a much more serious business, as those file systems represent a player's identity and belongings. Most companies put great effort into keeping redundant backups in different locations. Unfortunately, there's no convenient real world analogue -- I haven't been cloned, and I don't keep two identical copies of my house on opposite sides of the country just in case I should lose one. But if Sony's hosting facility burns down, I can take comfort in the fact my character and all of her things still exist on another hard drive, probably in another state, and can be put back in place in short order.

To me and most other players, that's much more important than a few days' worth of CS presence. And at least to me, my character's continued existence still pales in comparison to the lost and threatened lives in south California.

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