Hector Postigo's: The Digital Rights Movement

The latest Social Change Technology podcast is out. Burcu Bakioglu interviews long time friend of the show Hector Postigo about his latest book: The Digital Rights Movement. Those that have been around a while with know Hector's foundational work on modding.

You can listen to the show here: http://www.virtualpolicy.net/sct013.html

Comments on Hector Postigo's: The Digital Rights Movement:

James L Driessen says:

First sale and transmission rights are already codified as "exclusive" rights. Some have argued section 106 - 117 of the copyright code as "exceptions" to the "exclusive" rights and therefore not subject to section 408 rights to register "any" exclusive right. The key to the movement in the US will be standing to sue the US Copyright Office for registration of digital ownership. Http://www.circlesection.com

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