If you've never been to this conference or E3, the first thing that impresses you is the scale. Gigantic and global. I still have trouble grasping how big the business of designing play has become.

This talk is by the CEO of Kongregate. It's about retaining players for the long run. She reminds us that games like EverQuest are still making money after a decade. Time scales are bigger than you realize too.


Comments on Scale:

mbp says:

Did they give any numbers? I have often wondered what the "long tail" is worth in terms of gaming revenue. On the one hand we keep hearing about the enormous importance of first week sales but on the other hand there are also games that seem to keep on selling in small numbers for years. Everquest is an obvious example but there are single player games like that as well. Vampire the Masquerade is one case that springs to mind - it had fairly dismal sales on release but nine years later it is still selling.

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