Hurricanes and Virtuality

Hurricane_sandy_is_comingLong ago (in internet time) Facebook began letting people give each other virtual gifts. Last month, Facebook enabled this virtual system to purchase and send tangible gifts. The world yawned. Therefore, Facebook announced it would have an event at FAO Schwarz in Noo York City! At this event, the world would learn how many exciting opportunities the Facebook Gift program would provide. Strikes me as a big coupon book, but hey. Anyways, Hurricane Sandy has come along and canceled the event.

I keep thinking of computing as a slow hurricane, massively forceful, irresistable, steadily raising the waters and drowning the old ways day by day. Each year the coast looks very different. But since most people live somewhat inland, all they notice are the streaking clouds and the thundering surf. "My house is safe," they say.

Comments on Hurricanes and Virtuality:

John Roth says:

It makes me worry, because if the living conditions for the east and west coast continue to become less and less inhabital, people are going to get pushed towards the middle of the country. I live in Wisconsin, and it's going to get crazy if everyone has to take up residence here....

Hoo... hooray for weather, I guess...

Posted Oct 29, 2012 3:15:00 PM | link

Richard Bartle says:

Continuing the hurricane metaphor, two weeks from now we'll get a downpour in Europe as the dregs of Sandy make their way over here.

Posted Oct 30, 2012 5:51:57 AM | link

Joker says:

hows that internet and computer working without any electric?

Posted Oct 30, 2012 1:16:28 PM | link

Diana says:

I've begun to see the effects of the "drowning of the old ways". I sat at the table and said, "I need a pen and paper... Wait! I've got a typewriter here in front of me." And my daughter nearly patted my head while saying, "Mom, that's not a typewriter, that's a laptop..."

I keep seeing kids having trouble learning vocabulary in school, because its based in a culture they don't understand and have never experienced. Then again, I'm thrust into a culture of new terms and tools every year or so, and I'm struggling with that. What an interesting world!

Posted Jan 3, 2013 10:13:25 PM | link