Go visit Petra's Planet

Petra is a Finnish girl who, in the storybooks, is able to fly around the world and see many different cultures. On the Petra's PLanet MMO, the player does what Petra does: Go to different countries. There's nothing special or amazing about this, and that's what's special and amazing. In a decade, we've gone from 4 MMOGs and perhaps 6 immersive world-type games, to the point where a small country's story for children spawns its own immersive virtual environment.

Remember in 1995 when the headlines screamed "Soon there will be computers in cars and refrigerators!" Well, today there are indeed computers in cars and refrigerators, but there's big headline. It happens without noticing.

Therefore, take a moment to notice Petra's Planet.


Substantively, is this a good thing? You've walked through Epcot and enjoyed the sensations induced by faux-France and faux-Norway. You tink, hey I learned something about France and Norway today. But did you? Maybe you actually lost knowledge about them.

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Lisa Galarneau says:

Official girl gamer feedback (from 9 year old) is that it's not super fun. Poptropica (http://www.poptropica.com/) is where it's currently at. Well, when she's not busy playing Diablo III.

Just this month I have purchased memberships for 3 virtual worlds, at $9.99 a pop. Jumpstart makes me feel okay about it, because she is officially learning stuff: http://www.jumpstart.com/

Posted Jun 3, 2012 4:58:11 PM | link

Lisa Galarneau says:

Also, I will reveal secret news that I am working on a mobile game that dabbles in this multiple locations/countries theme. I think it adds a lot of richness, and yes, a secret dose of good-for-you content.

Posted Jun 3, 2012 5:04:40 PM | link