Gamification II: Rate-a-Terrorist

What distances the true terrorist from some wannabe? His forum posts, of course. And how is that to be measured? With forum Likes, of course. With gamified terror forum rankings, the best of the best can get leaderboarded and waterboarded! Gamification >> all! (Thanks to student Peter Winland for the tip.)

Comments on Gamification II: Rate-a-Terrorist:

Charles Cameron (hipbone) says:

If you're interested, this all began with a paper by Jarret Brachman and Alix Levine titled "World of Holy Warcraft" in Foreign Policy on April 13th:

Brachman used to head up research at West Point's Counter Terrorism Center and is highly respected in the field.

Will McCants, Brachman's co-author and colleague commented in "The Limits of Gamification" on April 25th:

Jihadica is generally reckoned to be the foremost counter-terrorism blog in the US.

Other recent comments include: April 27, 2011 April 27, 2011 April 27, 2011

I've tried to suggest that Brachman should get in touch with Amy Jo Kim in the comments on one of those posts -- this is a place where a little cross-disciplinary contact would be preferable to the usual "siloing" of interests and disciplines.

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