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Jul 31, 2007


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Nice! I can't wait to read the discussions!

Nate Randall
RCE Universe


So, TN allows 2 IBMers, but not 2 Lindens, what happened to impression of capture? ;-)

Seriously though, welcome aboard! I look forward to the Eightbar goes beardy posts to come!


We're only captured for August, Jim. Temporary capture = invasion in my book. In September, the Rebel forces will destroy the IBM Death Star, the Ewoks will dance, your ghost will smile from the sidelines, and Ian and Roo will go back to the happy halls of Big Blue Hursley and make a killing off action figures. :-)


TN gets a story arc: great!


If we get to keep the profits from the merchandising, I'm all for it.


Merchandising.... we have been playing with the 'dont they know who I am' darth vader arc recently as well. As it evolved here
Seriously though (well not really) but you do realise that any action figures will be coming off a 3d printer dont you ;-)


@ Jim,

Actually, I would love to see a Linden posting on Second Life. The comment thread would be fascinating--not very sycophantic, I'm sure, but probably not the conspiracy-theory Linden bashing seen on blogs entirely devoted to Second Life.


hmm, only epredators I know are usually kept away from small children and whats with the Metaverse Evangalist thing, sounds like a made up job for made up individuals


I hope the 'metaverse evangelist' thing will become obvious, if it's not already. It's certainly a tag I relish.

And to clarify, 'Roo Reynolds' and 'Ren Reynolds' are confusingly similar names. Sorry about that. We're not brothers (or even related, as far as I can tell). If it helps, Ren is the clever one and I'm the tall one.


Roo, Ren keeps saying you're his identical twin and your parents had an affinity for 3-letter R names. Since I heard Ren's story first, I say you're his identical twin until you somehow prove otherwise.


I saw my first screen shots of IBM's creatively titled "Metaverse" today - it looks pretty sharp. The torque engine seems to be working well, but I can't wait to see it in action.


@flipperPA the torque engine is an interesting one. It allows for a great deal of flexibility though originally designed for multiplay games.
We are looking at some more unusual ways for people to engage with one another and with a wider community. The creative (graphic and code based) freedom lets much more experimentation occur.
It is not the only engine being looked at I should add ;-)


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