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Jul 17, 2007


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It's nice to have a name that's a UUID, it's just a shame that it means humans have a hard time spelling it . See you in Edinburgh, Ren ;-)


West, Ren. San Jose is on the West coast. Go West, young avatar. West.



Any reason SLCC was omitted?


Ren, not to nitpick... well, perhaps to nitpick but in jest...

So now you've got the West Coast version going West (completely plausible, until you hit the ocean) and you say "The East Coast's version is ridiculously star-studied," which may imply to some that the West Coast's version is not "ridiculously star-studied."

But that doesn't follow as a logical conclusion. Let's say you're talking about dogs and cats. If you say "Cats are not penguins" it does not follow that you think dogs are penguins. One simply doesn't know! The West Coast version might also be ridiculously star-studded!

But my favorite part on this one is: "with luck it will tell the audience something other than things they either fail to comprehend or already know." So I'm thinking: what about deep mysteries and eternal truths? Are they off the table? :-)


Pfft. I've had enough of trying to be helpful. I'm posting about sex again.


Sorry dude, forgot, added it now :)

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