PBS to Broadcast Game Accessibility Story

For those lovers (like me!) of PBS, check your local listings for a program called Quest tonight. KQED in San Francisco filmed the special and it will be airing at 7:30pm tonight (Tuesday, May 1st) on the US west coast. Tonight's episode entitled, "Videogames for All," will chronicle the efforts of the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG to spread the word about accessibility issues for games. If the episode is not broadcast in your area, fear not, it should posted on Quest's website, http://www.kqed.com/quest/ today or tomorrow. Or call up your local PBS station and request an airing (I did!).

Update: Here's the direct link to the video!

Comments on PBS to Broadcast Game Accessibility Story:

Barrie Ellis says:

A fine video, and one that high-lights what a long way we have to go. One day we'll break through. So many accessibility features we need and want would take so little effort and money to implement. We just need to get people to understand....

Posted May 2, 2007 4:18:47 PM | link

thoreau says:

Terrific video.

Every once in a while some product comes along and is praised for how simple it is to operate. Perhaps a game controller that fits that bill is not far away.

Posted May 4, 2007 9:26:19 AM | link