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In the new issue of The Daedalus Project:

  • What's life like as a guild leader? Narratives from current and past guild leaders highlight common pain-points and lessons learned.
  • As to the origin of guild leaders, younger players who are guild leaders tend to be leaders of guilds they created themselves whiles older players who are guild leaders tend to be leaders of guilds they inherited. An interesting life-cycle of guilds may be at play.
  • About 30% of respondents use a VoIP tool on a regular basis. The best predictor of VoIP use was the Achievement motivation (Socialization comes in third).
  • 45% of respondents had at least 2 computers in their household on which an MMO is regularly played. About 20% of male respondents and 50% of female respondents regularly play with someone else in the same room.

Comments on Daedalus Data:

Eric says:

Another brilliant extension of the Daedalus Project, Nick. I've become convinced that guild leadership within MMOs is going to gradually produce a generation of leaders who have had small-group leadership at a younger age than we've traditionally expected over the last 70 years. With the exception of the military, which has traditionally cultivated younger leaders (out of necessity, if nothing else), I'm not convinced that we've seen an arena like the MMO guild where a 14 or 15-year-old can start their own group and then learn and experiment with the challenges of setting a common goal and then executing it. The most telling and intriguing comment was the post on from the 24-year-old who attributed the improvement in his RL career arc to the awarenesses that guild leadership brought. I wonder how long it will be before the awareness of this sort of leadership training will filter into corporate HR hiring questions - at first blush it seems preposterous, but then you play WoW with the 52-year-old executive from Austin, and think, well, maybe it won't be so long.

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Eric says:

Whoops. Really should learn to close that A tag...

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Howard says:

Eric, I don't think so.
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