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May 26, 2005


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Greg>For me, the importance of immersion to legal regulation is a far cry from what Eric is suggesting. I suppose his claim would be something like: "I'm a completely delusional gamer and the law needs to respect that by calling virtual cows real."

Eric is not saying that, at least on my reading of your quote from his blog. I think that what he may be driving at is to revisit his skepticism about freedom of speech rights applying in virtual worlds. If there is no true immersion for the vast majority of gamers, then there is no danger of the "magic circle" being destroyed from the penetration of ordinary speech from the "outside" world. If there are a few pathologically anomalous individuals who confuse the virtual world with reality, then freedom of speech in the virtual world could assist in bringing them back to sanity. So either way - freedom of speech is beneficial.


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