Rules & Borders

Santa Clara University School of Law is hosting Rules & Borders: Regulating Digital Environments on February 11th.    It looks like a good mix of industry folks, law professors, and legal practitioners.  The panel topics look very interesting--of special note is the "Ownership in Online Worlds" panel, which will be moderated by Professor Tyler Ochoa.   

The description of the panel reads:

Online worlds are becoming more immersive and individuals are being invited to participate more fully in these worlds. They are being given more and more individual choices, the ability to interact more fully, and creating lasting social interactions. Should intangible objects acquired in these worlds be treated as personal property? Should individuals maintain their personal rights while present in online worlds?

Other panels will cover Digital Actors and Locations, Future of Technology: Licensing and Usability, and Regulating Content.  The last will touch on virtual world speech regulation. 

Wendy Seltzer of the EFF, previously mentioned in relation to the Marvel/NCSoft suit, will be giving a lunchtime presentation.

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