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Apr 19, 2004



Ren Reynolds>“the world's first 3D internet church is going to be virtually unique”.

I don't know where they got that "first" from. I'm sure I read a paper about the E-Church 5 or 5 years ago...



Fwiw, from "The Lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat":

One of the outstanding proponents of the anti-violence point of view was motivated to open the first Habitat church, the Order of the Holy Walnut (in real life he was a Greek Orthodox priest). His canons forbid his disciples to carry weapons, steal, or participate in violence of any kind. His church became quite popular and he became a very highly respected member of the Habitat community.



There was an interesting article in the current or previous issue of Wired that talks about a guy with the vision to bring Armageddon and peace to the world by building a virtual prophetic temple in Jerusalem.

The design incorporates a laser-beamed visual of the temple over the Temple Mount and a game with virtual Jerusalem.

Interesting idea to say the least.

Do read the interesting article:



Wagner James Au's New World Notes has a post about a Catholic mass in Second Life.


And let's not leave this to the Judeo-Christian folks. There is the Daioh Temple of Daioh Mountain which hosts the Jomoh Temple, a sub-temple of Daioh-in, representing a virtual temple created for the Internet. They host virtual services for lost information.

Requires a VRML browser (remember VRML?)



The BBC follows up.

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